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          The Magic Mirror will overthrow your habit of using mirror

          When it is in sleeping mode, it is normal mirror;When it is on, it is screen.


          The Magic Mirror will meet your various request for entertainments

          Atte Magic Mirror will provide various entertainments to users, such as news, music, movies, TV, QQ, WeChat...


          Magic Mirror is a good helper for home health management

          By health testing devices, Atte Magic Mirror can test family’s weight, temperature, blood pressure and etc,

          then record the data. When the weight and blood pressure are abnormal,

          it will remind the user of it and provide corresponding solutions.


          Magic Mirror is a smart home control centre

          By connecting with Smart panel or gateway, Magic Mirror becomes smart home control centre and can realize the function

          of smart home control, smart security, community service and video intercon

          Smart home control

          One button to turn on A/C, lighting, curtain, TV...


          Smart security

          Set 3 arm mode, at home, leave home, sleep


          Community service

          The resident can receive bulletin, message


          The resident can have a video intercom with visitor by magic mirror

          When visitor comes, the resident can have a video intercom with him by magic mirror and remote open the door


          Personalized service and multi-user storage interface

          Atte Magic Mirror can save several users’ information, each member of the family can set his own personalized interface


          Morning news, Stock,

          Weight record

          Oral cavity health


          Hairdressing and beauty, Entertainment and news

          Skin test, Cooking teaching

          Weight records


          Education and science

          Weight record

          Health status


          • Living room

          • Bedroom

          • Kitechen

          • Bathroom


          Full color 1080P UHD display

          IPX6 waterproof

          Various smart touch interaction

          Other configuration

          • Quad core CPU
          • High frequency
          • Huge storage
          • HD camera