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          Linkage Control

          All The Home Appliance




          • Go Home

          • Leave Home

          • Amusement

          • Visitor

          • Dining

          • Sleeping

          • Movies

          • Reading

          Push the door slightly

          everything is okay

          Corrider and living room’s lights are on

          TV is on at the setting channel

          Air-con has been adjusted to the comfortable temperature

          Water heater starts to work

          Humidifier starts to work

          Leave home

          Closing the door is okay

          All the lights are off

          Cut off the power for all the home appliance

          Cameras start

          Start to arm

          Smart security Home safety is available

          Smart panel can set three arm modes,once safety problem occured,it will respond quickly

          • At home

          • Out

          • Sleeping


          Connect with community management system

          and get to know the information and service


          • Community bulletin

          • Resident advice

          • Personal bills

          • Activity notice


          Smart video intercom Conveninet visiting

          The visitor can call the smart panel by door station and the owner can pick up the calling just like video phone.

          The owner remote open the door and the elevator will take the visitor to the owner’s floor..

          If the owner is not in,the calling will be transfered to owner’s mobile.

          • Video intercom

          • Call owner’s mobile

          Product other function

          • APP long-distance operation

          • Video&audio message

          • Call elevator

          • Door to door call

          • Call management centre

          • Monitor by door station

          • Monitor by camera

          • Call owner’s mobile